Director: Robert Butler

Starring: Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly, Brendan Gleeson

Genre: Action, Thriller


“That’s it. I’m never flying this airline again”


I watched this movie a couple of nights ago. I wanted an action film without a tricky story. When I saw the action was during the Christmas holiday, I thought about Die Hard (1989), but I was so wrong. Honestly, I don’t understand why this film exists. Ok, maybe for that time it was something great. But there are a lot of old (action) movies which are incredible even today.


There are a lot of action movies with a better story, better characters, better action, and so on. The story is a well-known one, with a plane, which is hijacked by someone, who kills the pilots, and at the end (spoiler!) someone who doesn’t have any flight experience land the plane (in this case – the stewardess).


The movie is also pretty graphic, with a lot of bloody scenes, the reason why it was rated R. It is between a classic action film and a thriller, but I think it would have been better for the film if there weren’t these graphic scenes; that’s strictly my opinion.


Ray Liotta is the only good thing about this movie. He did a pretty good job, performing this mad serial killer. But, on the acting part, the rest of the actors were not so good. The main actress could have been a better character, but, unfortunately for her, the plane could land automatically, just by pressing some buttons.


In the beginning, I thought it would be a good film, not incredible, but good. Along the way, the film became worse. The fight scene was pretty good (you’ll know it when you’ll watch it), but I would write the screenplay differently. It doesn’t matter anyway; it is hard to create a great film with the same plane hijacking idea. I’d give 2.5/5 for this film. If you are a fan of Ray Liotta, you could watch this film, but otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it! Stay safe, and enjoy it!

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