Director: Alexis Sweet Cahill

Starring: Roxana Lupu, Daniel Plier, Adrian Titieni, Anghel Damian

Genre: Drama


“My love for my country is my religion.”


Maybe the best Romanian movie from 1990, Queen Marie of Romania, will be, in my opinion, the reference point of the Romanian cinema from now on. This incredible production touched me so deeply to see what a Queen we had, what sacrifices she did for our country. I was speechless the whole day after watching this movie. I started to look for books with Her Majesty, and with the Romanian Monarchy because the subject is a very interesting one and, sadly, young people don’t know so much about that period. I didn’t know Queen Marie had such a role in the Great Union of Romania.


I want to congratulate everyone who made this movie possible. I am deeply thankful for all your work, which, I’m sure, touched a lot of Romanians. I hope someone from the cast will read this review because I want to deliver all my gratitude to every one of you. This movie made me proud I’m Romanian, more than I am. So, thank you, again, for that.


The movie tells the story of the recognition of Greater Romania during the 1919 peace talks. It presents what major role had Queen Marie, who discussed with the world’s most powerful leaders. Her mission seemed almost impossible but she fought for her country, although there were a lot of people who were against her. You have to watch the movie to see what happened. I didn’t say but the story is a true one, inspired by her diaries.


I must mention Roxana Lupu, the protagonist. She had an unforgettable role, which was not easy at all. She conveyed emotion with every scene, although she had to speak in two languages. She has a suave voice, which made me love every moment she was on the screen. I hope you’ll have a great career because you truly deserve it.


The cinematography was also incredible. I could not believe this is a Romanian production in the first 10 minutes of the movie. All the scenes were perfectly built, with a lot of costumes, old cameras, and, of course, vintage cars. I could praise this film for days and I will when I’ll meet all my friends and colleagues. I’ll tell them to watch this piece of art. I hope you will, after all this declaration of love for this movie.


 I hope people will watch it, especially Romanians because they must know our history. I wish there will more movies with Queen Marie of Romania because there are still many stories that must be told, but who knows what the future will bring us. Stay safe and enjoy it!

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