Director: Tudor Giurgiu

Starring: Mihai Smarandache, Belen Cuesta, Ariadna Gil

Genre: Drama, Romance

Here’s the first of many reviews of Romanian movies. I’m not a huge fan of Romanian movies, but I think we have to give a chance to our cinematography. In a period, when 5Gang’s movie beat the record for the highest earnings of a Romanian movie since 1989, I want to promote good movies from my country. Sadly, such a movie as 5Gang has that record although it’s an awful movie, without any good parts, but I don’t want to talk about that offense against cinematography (100 years ago, Americans made better movies than that, without any special effects, just with a good storyline).


So, is Parking (2019) a good movie? The answer is yes and no. The story follows Adrian (Mihai Smarandache), a poor Romanian immigrant, who works near Cordoba, Spain, in parking. His boss, Rafael (Luis Bermejo) pays him execrable, but Adrian is not so annoyed because he has peace. He can write poems about the experiences of a foreign country, as an immigrant. From time to time we watch some flashbacks since he was just a child. This idea was pretty good, I liked it. When he meets Maria (Belén Cuesta) his life is going to complicate because Adrian is married, and his wife is at home, in Romania. Maria is a singer and is interested in how Adrian finds the world. You have to watch it to see what happens.


My problem with this movie is that Tudor Giurgiu, the director, didn’t create an emotional story of how an immigrant feels in a foreign country away from his family, his friends, and his grandparent’s house; away from all the memories he has. I wanted a more emotional movie because it had a lot of potentials. There are a lot of Romanian emigrants, who have a hard life, who suffer for not having the dear ones with them. That’s what I wanted, a more realistic story.


As for the rest, the movie is pretty good. You can tell the difference between this movie and other Romanian movies. I feel like this is more a European movie than a Romanian one, maybe from the Spanish collaborations. I hope you’ll watch it and make your own opinion about it. In the following weeks will appear more reviews of Romanian films. Until then have a great day!

Categories: Drama


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