Creator: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

Director: Baran bo Odar

Starring: Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari, Karoline Eichhorn, Jördis Triebel, Maja Schöne, Oliver Masucci, Deborah Kaufmann, Stephan Kampwirth, Andreas Pietschmann, Moritz Jahn, Paul Lux, Gina Stiebitz, Mark Waschke

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery


“The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end” (Der Anfang ist das Ende und das Ende ist der Anfang)


Today appeared the 3rd season of Dark. I didn’t watch it yet, but I’ll start it today. Everyone has a lot of questions about the story, and I hope they’ll answer them. In case you don’t know anything about this German TV show, you should give it a try, at least the first three episodes. You won’t regret it!


Back to the 2nd season, I didn’t expect it could be so good because it was difficult to continue this story, and they make it even more complex. It is incredible how they thought about almost every aspect of time travel, and the ending of the season is mind-blowing.


If you didn’t watch the 1st season, be aware there will be some spoilers. So, the 2nd season begins with Jonas, who arrives in 2052 after traveling through a portal at the same time as Helge, his young version. What he sees there is terrifying because almost everything is destroyed after a nuclear disaster. You’ll find out what happened to Ulrich, who was stuck in 1953. His whole life is so sad; I felt so bad for him, although he had made some big mistakes. At some point, you’ll discover something about Ulrich, which blew my mind. Noah continues his journey, while Charlotte, Peter, Claudia, and Jonas (mid-aged) try to solve the mystery and to return to a normal life.


You’ll also find out more about the other characters. There are a lot of things you could say, but I try to give you a few reasons to watch the second season. I don’t know why you would not watch it after the first season. I’ll talk about some specific scenes in the review of the entire series, which will come next month.


On the acting part, the actors are fabulous, even better than the 1st season. That’s because some actors had more time on the screen. It’s hard to nominate someone, in particular, and I don’t want to name someone, it wouldn’t be fair. The dialogues are great; the chemistry between some characters is incredible.


I think you’ll love this season. So, all is left to say is enjoy it and stay safe!


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