Creator: Dan Harmon

Starring: Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase

Genre: Comedy


“Oh, my third wife was bi-racial!” – Pierce (doesn’t know to make jokes)


This great original TV show appeared on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and is more interesting than you think. I didn’t want to write a review of this production, but last night I watched two of the best episodes from a sitcom for a long time (Contemporary American Poultry and Modern Warfare). To be more clear, episodes 21 and 23. I loved them. I was amazed at how they made something so great in only 22 minutes!


The only sitcoms I watched are Friends (1994-2004) and How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014), but none of them is like Community. You can’t compare these shows, they are the best in some categories. And Community won the originality for sure. There are a lot of subtle jokes, which made me laugh so hard.


The story follows Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), a suspended lawyer who has to enroll at Greendale College to earn a legitimate degree. He meets Britta, an attractive social activist. Jeff creates a study group to spend more time with her. That’s all you should not about it! You’ll love this group!


There are a lot of pop culture references, from Friends to Star Wars and Godfather. I can’t wait to watch more. At this moment I watched only the first season. I hope you’ll give it a chance if you are a sitcom fan. But don’t compare to other sitcoms because this one is very original.

Stay safe and enjoy it!

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