Director: Frank Borzage

Starring: Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Albert Gran, David Butler, Ben Bard

Genre: Drama, Romance


“You mustn’t be afraid. I’m never afraid. Never look down; always look up. I always look up. That’s why I’m a very remarkable fellow.”


I couldn’t imagine there was a better movie than Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans in 1927. But after I watched 7th Heaven I was not so sure anymore. A heartbreaking story that will move every viewer in this world, no matter the nationality, ethnicity, or skin color, because this is a love story, which is witness to WW1, maybe the most terrifying war of all time.


Chico (Charles Farrell) is a sewer worker, whose dream is to become a street washer. He doesn’t believe in God anymore after he spent his money on two candles in a church. His wishes were: to become a street washer and to find a nice wife. But none of them fulfilled. Diane (Janet Gaynor) is a poor girl, who is abused by her sister. One day she runs away. Chico defends her and tries to chase away her sister. He has to take Diane at his home and pretend they are married because, otherwise, she’ll get arrested. And so, that’s how it all began.


On the acting part, the protagonists are incredible. They complete each other in every scene. The other characters are very natural, it’s like they are real people that fill the plot. Janet Gaynor won the first Oscars (Leading Actress) for 3 movies, this one included and she deserves all the credit. I’m eager to watch another film with her. I’d nominate Charles Farrell for an Oscar (Leading Actor) because he has a huge role in the whole story, which is played remarkably by him.


The question is – which one is better: Sunrise or 7th Heaven? I don’t think anyone could answer straight. Both movies are unforgettable, that’s incredible, and when you think they were made in 1927. For me, 7th Heaven was a little better than Sunrise, but that’s only my personal opinion. What do you think?


I hope you’ll watch this piece of art because it relates a love story that will move you for sure!


“Not bad, eh? I work in the sewer, but I live near the stars.”


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